Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Day 7: Pets

My first pet was a Guinea Pig. I named her Olga, after the guinea pig in Michael Bond’s book series. She lived in a hutch on our patio with her three sisters (although I don’t know if they were actually from the same litter) who belonged to my brother and my sisters. When winter came, we moved their home into the rickety old shed at the bottom of the garden. And installed a heater and insulation to keep them cosy during the cold months. Unfortunately, the move meant that my brother and I (who took it in turns to feed them every day) had to undertake the perilous journey down the dark and overgrown pathway to the shed. Happily, this did not continue for too long, as a brand new shed was built, at the back of the house.

Shortly after the four furry bundles had established themselves as members of the family, it was discovered that Olga was pregnant. Had been in fact when we had bought her. So four guinea pigs became six. But as my parents did not want the brood to multiply any further, Boris had to go to a new home, but Poppy remained with us. And forever afterwards Olga remained a little pear shaped.

But as happens with all furry creatures, one by one they left us for the dandelion field in the sky. I was desperate for another pet. After many years of persistence (outlined in an earlier post: http://jennyisinwonderland.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/introducing-teddie.html) my parents finally relented to my puppy pleas and Teddie arrived!

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