Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 6: Bank Holiday!

It was undoubtedly a rather glorious one! A perfect day to help my Grandma wash her lovely King Charles Spaniel. Poor Rowley was less happy about this prospect; the indignity hardly befitting his royal lineage!

I on the other hand, had a lovely time being spoilt. (Although a delicious lunch didn’t really do much for my ‘fit and healthy’ resolutions!) It really did feel like summer! When I came home, I sat in the garden a while enjoying it. I tried to photograph some of the rabbits who were doing the same, but as usual they were too quick for me! Flowers on the other hand are far more willing sitters!

Then Teddie came to investigate what I was doing!

Bank Holidays: Time for family, time to have a break, time to apreciate the small things...

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