Monday, 13 May 2013

Day 13: Go Green!

When I read the topic for today's post I was a little concerned at how long it took me to think of anything I did that could be considered green! But I eventually thought of some things...

1. Double Sided Printing! I found this very easy to get into the habit of, and is kinder to your finances as well as

2. Being an art student, I use A LOT of paper. So I have taken to having a paper recycling bin in my bedroom so I don't just throw waste paper away.

There are so many more things I could do to be eco friendly, that often out of laziness I don't. So I thought I would make a list for myself of a couple of things I will try to do this week.

1. Turning my radio off at the wall

2. Not turning on the shower too long before I get in

3. Remembering to turn my light off when I leave my room.

Not very original ideas, hardly growing my own vegetables or making my own clothes, But its a start!

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