Saturday, 18 May 2013

Day 18: Friends

I fear I lack time, to properly express

Or to tell of the friends with which I am blessed.

So I shall try in a rhyme

In this short space of time

To say something of friends

With whom I’ve travelled life’s bends,

And not be too nonsensical

Tho’ that seems preferential

To writing nothing at all?


A first friend, A best friend

Does absence make you less friends?

And a sun shining light

Who makes everything right

Some friends come in pairs

But tis happy to share.

A lost friend, now a found friend,

Brings a new friend and a true friend,

And though sisters with strife,

Made friends by life.


Some old, others new,

Like borrowed and blue,

Like long summer days

Some have gone separate ways

And that makes me sad

When I think of times we had

And of the time that we might

Have had if things had gone right

But then nothing went wrong

Its just life is a song

That goes up and goes down

And around and around,

And some paths they cross, whilst others diverge

Meaning some get lost when you both take a swerve.


But if friends are like flowers,

Like clear April showers

I have a lovely bunch,

Of friends.


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