Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Day 29: The Morning Routine

At the moment I’m in a sort of limbo, between finishing a course and the start of the summer, which means my mornings don’t really have much of a routine about them. My non-routine morning, consists of lying in bed until its no longer really acceptable to do so and then feeling bad the whole day because I've wasted it.

So I thought I'd recount the routine I normally adhere to when on a rather tighter agenda. 

6:00: My alarm rings. I fumble around the bed clothes for my phone and turn it back off. I used to set an alarm at Five, just so I could turn it off in the knowledge that I could have another hours sleep. Throughout the year my motivation deteriorates, till I reach the point when I just don't set them any more.

6:15: A second alarm rings. I turn it off.

6.30: My mum tells me to wake up. I wait until she goes away and shut my eyes again.

6:45: I check the time on my phone again...just five more minutes...

7:00: Acknowledge that I really should get up now and turn on Radio 1 as I reluctantly get out of bed.
                   '7:00 am the usual morning line up’ ...
                    For some reason I now have tangled in my head!
                    I  wish my mornings were that productive.

7:05ish: Grab whatever clothes I forgot to put back in my wardrobe and get dressed.

7:15: Go to the bathroom to clean my teeth, but my sister is already in there.
7:16: Try and do something with my hair, put on a bit of mascara if I look particularly awful.

7:25: Clean my teeth
7:28: Realise that my tights are laddered so try and find another pair
7:30: Get in the car
7: 35: Wait in car, someone always forget something...
7: 45: Finally leave.
7:10 Arrive at the station having just missed the quiet train.
7:11: Wait on the Platform, shivering, whilst waiting for the train to arrive.
7:12: Eat breakfast.

7:25: Get on the train.
7:26: Turn on my ipod to try and drown out the sniffy commuter sitting next to me, without it being too loud so I am that annoying person with the music that everyone else can hear!
7:30: ...

8:27: Arrive at my stop.

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