Thursday, 23 May 2013

Day 23: The Best Compliment Ever!

Question: What is the Best Compliment you have ever been given? ...why can I never think of a straight answer to these questions. Things never come to mind when you want them to. I was a little, and could think only of instances when people had said 'oh, I like your dress' or 'I like your shoes' which are always very lovely, but don't really have a life long lasting impact. So I asked my family members the same question. My Mum said my Dad asking her to marry him. My Dad wouldn't give a straight answer. One of my sisters was equally forgetful as I, but said that one of the most memorable compliments she'd been given was that she had a beautiful jawline. My other sister could not remember either but told me about how someone random had congratulated her on her performance in a play this evening. Which got me thinking, perhaps it's not the words that make a compliment memorable, but the people who say them. Perhaps it is the people who you don't know, yet still compliment you that stick in your head; they have to push themselves more out of their comfort zone to approach you so you value what they say more. I find it very awkward receiving compliments; you don't want to seem arrogant by accepting it, but I find it very frustrating when you compliment someone and they don't believe you. Now I have Bruno Mars in my head...I need sleep, night all!

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