Monday, 20 May 2013

Day 20: Badgers

I was scrolling through the news pages this afternoon, looking for something to write about for today's BEDM and Brian May's 'Pledge' to protect Badgers caught my eye. I don't know enough of the eco system etc. to be able to impart an informed judgement on whether I think that a Badger a cull would have good or bad effects for the environment. But having been brought up on 'The Wind in the Willows' and the 'Foxwood Treasury Tales' there is a soft spot in my heart for the furry creatures. I'd hate to see any animal killed, but having lived in the country I have a better understanding of the nuisance rabbits can be, and of why a farmer might shoot a fox, that when I lived in a town. Yet I'd still rather this didn't need to be the case. So whilst I'm sure (at least I would hope) that those calling for a badger cull have good reasons, and perhaps I am just being sentimental but to me it just seems like a terribly destructive and cruel act and a really sad thing to do.

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