Sunday, 5 May 2013

Day Five: Fit and Healthy…?

In my case, not very!

Healthy? Well I’ve been trying to be more so; drinking water instead of fizzy drinks, having cheese on toast less frequently, things like that. My problem is that food just looks so good, plus I have a bit of a weakness for puddings!

And Fit? Certainly not! Long gone are my cross country running days! Well, they weren’t that long ago, but it is rather shocking how fast one’s fitness levels can plummet. Now I get out of breath just running to catch a train.

But as with every year, and most people every year, come summer I resolve to be more fit and healthy. Unfortunately, my plans for the ‘new me’ always commence tomorrow…which of course never comes.

The only real way to change this, that I can see, is to make small, achievable resolutions. And that is hardly a new piece of wisdom. But deciding not to have second helpings or walking up the stairs instead of taking the escalator is far more tangible and achievable that simply stating to myself 'I’m going to get fit'!
But I’m yet to discover a way to really make a change, that I see the results of.  I’d love to know what works for you?


  1. What really worked for me was to figure out, why do you want to change? Is it only for that great beach body? Good, make an amazing collage of great bikinis, or if you're a bit more daring, great beach bodies (although I know the last one would work the opposite way and I would tear it apart). Is it to feel better in your own skin? Also good, make a collage of great quotes or sayings that appeal to you to change your lifestyle. Find something that can motivate you to keep on going, whether it's a collage, a pinterest board or another blog :)

    1. I've never been confident enough to wear a bikini, but the collage idea is a good one! I think I will try hanging a dress that I love, but is a bit tight, up in my bedroom to motivate me!


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