Saturday, 31 August 2013

Adventure Calling

                                          Six tousled heads,
                                          In six little beds,
                                               sleeping slowly,
                                               breathing softly,
                                               dreaming deeply
                                                    To the sway of the sea...
                                          Rise and shine you sleepy-heads,
                                          The sun is up, get out of bed!
                                          And rested eyes will blink and yawn
                                          Then rush to the window to let in the dawn,
                                                    And the wind picks up the song of the sea
                                          For adventure is a calling,
                                          A new day is dawning,
                                          And the boat in the bay
                                          Whispers up and away
                                               Come sail me away
                                                    Come sail me to sea...

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