Thursday, 9 January 2014

Cookie Dough Bites

Cookie Dough is one of my favourite things. Since discovering this recipe on Pinterest I have been dying to make them myself. So here goes...! Depending on how large you make them, this recipe should make around 28 cookie dough bites.

8 ounces butter (softened)
1½ cups light brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract or essence
2 cups flour
6 ounces chocolate chips

Measuring devices
Large Mixing Bowl

First, the butter and sugar need to be creamed together.

Now the plate is needed. However it is advisable to use a larger one than pictured below, I got rather sticky!
This will make the butter easier to mix with the sugar. Then...

This was when I realised that I needed a larger bowl!
Now you will need to add the remaining ingredients to the mixture.
 Now it's time to get your fingers messy! Knead the mixture until the dough looks smooth, then ...
Leave in the fridge until firm. Should take roughly 30 minutes. Store in the fridge, but keep at room temperature about ten minutes before you serve them. Enjoy!
Too add an extra something, dip them in melted chocolate, or drizzle it on as a topping.

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