Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Land of Flat Pack Furniture

I love Ikea, although you do tend to enter the building with joy and excitement in your heart and leave with not much left apart from a desire to get out, invariably feeling drained of all energy. I visited Ikea recently, the purpose of the trip was to buy some cushions to make covers for. This was accomplished, although in their wrappers, the cushions  looked rather like the plastic cheese you sometimes have in burgers! I spent the rest of the day coveting house set ups and not knowing whether to be endeared or freaked out by the stuffed animals who were watching me. But I found that a bowl of chips can calm frazzled nerves and fill an empty stomach, (despite instantly regretting it once finished eating!). My main achievement of the day was putting together my first piece of flat pack furniture! The Resistant Materials GCSE finally coming in handy...?


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