Friday, 5 July 2013

An Easy Healthy Meal: Bean Casserole

Having lived off cookies for several days, I decided it was time to make something healthy. I thought documenting it would help me remember the process, although I can't claim any credit for the recipe!

As a note of pre-warning, my instructions may seem unnecessarily detailed, this is to help out an incompetent person like myself, rather than to insult anyone's intelligence!

The ingredients listed serve six people. If you're feeding fewer you can freeze the sauce for another meal, or just halve the ingredients.

The Bean Casserole could be served and eaten with jacket potatoes, rice, bread, or anything else you have in your cupboard I'm sure would work! The meal outlined below is for a Bean Casserole served with rice. 

Utensils Required:
Measuring device for rice portions (can use a mug)
Two pans
       I used a deep sided sauté pan for the sauce and a small sauce pan for the rice
Sauce pan
Wooden Spoon
Sharp Knife
Chopping Board

Three cans of Tomato

Two cans of Beans
Two peppers

Olive Oil

Tomato Paste

Clove of garlic
Red Onion
A White Onion

Mixed Herbs

Black Pepper


*Note on the ingredients: Onions, Garlic, Tomato paste etc. add flavour but are not vital, so can be mixed out on a budget. The recipe is pretty flexible so you could add courgette, aubergine, or carrots instead. So its a good meal for finishing off left over vegetables.

Peel then chop up your Onions.

Chop up your peppers

Chop up some basil

Wash the beans

First Place the pan on a medium heat.
Medium as in literally between the highest and lowest temperatures 

Then pour a tablespoon of olive oil into the pan.

Pour the onions  into pan and cook gently for about 5 minutes, till soft.
Add a clove (one section) of garlic.
Stir for four minutes
Add the Chopped peppers and cook for about five minutes; till softened.
Toss the vegetables around in the pan, cooking for a couple of minutes
Add the tomato sauce
Add a teaspoon of tomato paste
Add in tins of mixed beans

Add Black pepper and a sprinkling of mixed herbs, using the cap is a good measure.

To make the sauce hotter you could add half teaspoon of mild chilli powder, or half a teaspoon of paprika (milder)
Cook for twenty mins, letting it simmer, gently stirring.

Then Enjoy!


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