Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Introducing Teddie

Baby Ted
The only time she's still enough to photograph tends to be when she's asleep

Play with me!
I think perhaps that the gazes of pet owners are tinted with a similar shade of rose to those of mothers. The adoring parent always thinks their offspring is the most entrancing. It’s certainly the case for me! Not that I have a baby, but I certainly show the same behaviour towards my canine equivalent.

Her name is Teddie and she is a cairn terrier. Admittedly she is a family pet, but I like to claim responsibility for her membership in our family.

I think I was around seven years old when my puppy campaign began. But the initial stirrings were quieted by the purchase of four guinea pigs (which unintentionally became six).

I suppose I was about thirteen when it gained a new lease of life. Perhaps spurred on by the loneliness following moving from town to country. I bombarded my long suffering parents with propaganda. Sticking signs and posters up around the house, expounding the benefits of having a dog and telling them how much they wanted one. I changed their computer desktops and screensavers to try and subliminally alter their fixed opinion and emailed them charts and information packs I had compiled about various potential breeds.

Five years later, just as I had given up hope, they finally gave in. And along came Teddie.

She is rather a rascally pup, at a year and a half she is no less high spirited or well behaved than she was the Christmas she joined our family! But completely adorable nonetheless.

Unfortunately her favourite activity seems to be running away. Which she undertakes at least once a month (if not more frequently). She has a whale of a time larking about in the forest surrounding our garden while her worried pets fight through the dense branches and grow hoarse from calling her name. She returns several hours later, a satisfied smile, exhausted from her exploits.

At the present moment in time, Teddie snoozing, exhausted, on the sofa. Probably tired out from shouting at the rabbits who always seem less keen than she is to play!

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